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Nikkei Asian Review: Where the unicorns are born
New Asian companies find success with a regional focus
From lighting to fashion, there is money to be made in catering to once-ignored customers.
TOKYO/MANILA In Asia, entrepreneurs can "think about creating startups that are global from day one," said Ernestine Fu, venture partner at the Alsop Louie Partners. "[That] is not possible in Silicon Valley."
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The Economist- The Trump presidency so far
The Trump presidency is in a hole.
DONALD TRUMP won the White House on the promise that government is easy. Unlike his Democratic opponent, whose career had been devoted to politics, Mr Trump stood as a businessman who could Get Things Done. Enough voters decided that boasting, mocking, lying and grabbing women were secondary. Some Trump fans even saw them as the credentials of an authentic, swamp-draining saviour.
Donald Trump’s Meeting With Jack Ma Comes as U.S. Keeps Eye on Alibaba
A pledge by Ma, the founder of Alibaba, to create American jobs by selling U.S. goods through his e-commerce platforms comes weeks after a U.S. agency said the Chinese company was undermining U.S. industry.
Fear and trepidation in the boardroom- Survey reveals pessimism over China
Forty-two percent of respondents in China and 52.9% in South Korea said they expected the incoming Trump administration to negatively affect their businesses, compared with 10.8% in Japan. Trump has called for a 45% tariff on Chinese products and has suggested renegotiating the free trade agreement between the U.S. and South Korea. Business leaders in these countries worry that such policies could squeeze their exports to the U.S.
Agents of Change in 2017
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Nightmare on Main Street
America’s housing system was at the centre of the last crisis. It has still not been properly reformed
Aug 20th 2016 | From the print edition
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March of the machines
What history tells us about the future of artificial intelligence
and how society should respond
Jun 25th 2016 | From the print edition
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Economic aftershocks spreading well beyond Kyushu
April 21, 2016 12:00 pm JST
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Mexico & Asia
April 14, 2016 12:00 pm JST
The Trans-Pacific Partnership, the most ambitious trade deal of the last two decades,..
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